This month we have brought a few major updates to InvoiceASAP along with some smaller tweaks and bug fixes.

In this month’s update:

  • Accept invoice payments via Square
  • New app icon
  • Upgrade your account directly within the iOS app
  • Easily filter and find documents based on their status
  • Redesigned customer notes

Payments via Square on Apple devices

The biggest (and most exciting) update over the past month has been our integration with Square.

With this update, you’re now able to…

  • Take swipe payments on your iOS mobile device (using their free Square Reader)
  • Display Square as a payment option on invoices for web payments

We know that a lot of our customers already love using Square so it seemed like a no-brainer for us to connect the two platforms. Since launching the integration, we’ve had a lot of really positive feedback from customers.

If you’re interested in adding Square as a payment method for your invoices, check out our guide to connecting your InvoiceASAP account with Square.


A new look for InvoiceASAP

From time to time it’s good to have a bit of a refresh. At InvoiceASAP we felt we needed to inject a little spark into our brand and in doing so, have redesigned our app icon.

You may have noticed the update already, but if not, the next time you update the InvoiceASAP app you’ll see the new icon will have replaced our old one. This is all part of a phased approach to refreshing our brand.

InvoiceASAP app icon change

Upgrade your account directly within the iOS app

If you use InvoiceASAP on an iPhone or iPad, you can now change your subscription directly through the app.

Previously the only way to manage your subscription would be by logging into your account on the InvoiceASAP website (which is not so great if you’re on the go!).

To update your subscription on your iOS device, simply login to the app, select Manage App > Subscription. Here you can select which plan you’d like to subscribe to, or if you’re already subscribed to one of our paid plans, you can tap this screen to manage your subscription through the App Store.

Improved document filtering

We’ve updated the Invoice and Estimate List screens on the mobile app so that you can easily filter and find documents based on their status.

When you tap on Invoice List or Estimate List in the mobile app, you’ll see there are now three tabs at the top of the screen. On the Invoice List screen, you can view ‘All Invoices’, ‘Paid Invoices’ or ‘Unpaid Invoices’. On the Estimate List screen, you can view ‘All Estimates’, ‘Open Estimates’ or ‘Approved Estimates’.

Redesigned Customer Notes

We’ve made the customer notes part of the app much cleaner so that you can see the most important information at a quick glance.

If you haven’t used customer notes on the app before, you should! It’s a super helpful part of the product that allows you to add internal notes about customers. For instance, you may want to warn your co-workers that one of your customers has a big dog in their backyard or keep a note of the building access code for another customer.

To add a customer note, simply tap on Customers when you are on home screen of the app, select a customer, then select View Notes. To add a new note, simply tap on the ‘+’ symbol in the top right of the screen.