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Featured Business of the Week: Creative Nation Media

Tell us a little bit about your business – what’s a quick overview?

I started six years ago – my sister and her husband have a church in new york. They wanted me to do video announcements for their church – it sounded cool and after that, I taught myself how to be a filmmaker.

Then, I started making videos about homelessness and did interviews – that’s where “cardboard stories” came from – it took off. Now we have over 6 million views on my videos. People really noticed what I was doing because of the viral videos and now every major company in Florida is calling me.

How’d you find out about InvoiceASAP? What made you start using it?

I was looking online and InvoiceASAP just kept coming up. I’ve been using the app for a while and it’s so easy for me to use. The coolest thing was when you partnered with Fundbox – when you’re self employed you can be waiting for a long time and now I don’t have to wait. Now, I can invoice immediately on the site.

How does InvoiceASAP help your business? Has it saved you time? What about money?

What InvoiceASAP has done is saved me money – so I don’t have to hire someone professionally to invoice my customers. I can do it myself with no hassle. It’s so nice as the CEO to go “boom” and have things done. It’s also really easy – it’s not difficult to use at all. I have lots of repeat customers and I can quickly pick those customers.

Would you recommend InvoiceASAP to a friend?

Yes, and I have. I’ve recommended it to many of my friends!

Want to learn more about Creative Nation Media?

Check out their website for more information.

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