When did you start using InvoiceASAP?

Around two years ago – we never went back!

How does InvoiceASAP help your business?

I’ve got to say it really helps with client relationships. It’s really easy for our clients to understand our invoices. Preparing invoices on the spot allows us to go through them directly with our clients.

It syncs extremely easily with my QuickBooks software which means InvoiceASAP saves time. I don’t have to spend very much time in front of the computer doing data entry anymore.

I would recommend this software for anyone with a business on the go!

Want to learn more about CG Airbrush and Paint Repair?

Check out their Facebook page for more information.

InvoiceASAP helps over 200,000 businesses with billing – even on the go! To learn more about InvoiceASAP, go to www.invoiceasap.com