At InvoiceASAP we’re always looking for new ways to make invoicing work better for our customers.

From photography to maintenance — if you work in any industry that requires you to show proof of work, sometimes you need more than just a regular ol’ invoice.

It’s for this reason that our customers rave most about our photo and audio features for invoices and estimates.

Add before and after shots to evidence the hard work you’ve done, or record a brief voice memo to let customers know any extra details about what you’re sending over. Pretty handy, especially if you’re not stationed at a computer most of the day.

How to add photos and voice memos – super easy!

Once you’ve entered all the details for your invoice or estimate, hit ‘Save’ and you’ll be presented with a view of the saved document.

Scroll down to the bottom of this screen and click on the camera or microphone icon. You can then select your photo or start recording a voice memo

If you want to add photos and voice memos to invoices that have already been saved, head to ‘Invoice list’ or ‘Estimate list’ within the app, select the document you want to add the files to, scroll to the bottom of the document and you’ll see the microphone and camera icons.