Tools to add and Edit Custom Taxes Including Calculator Tablet and Pen

How to Add and Edit Custom Taxes

Tax. Those three letters can send a shiver down the spine of even the most hardened of finance managers.

It can be pretty complex. A tax rate can vary depending on where the work is carried out, who the customer is or what product or service you’re providing.

But tax doesn’t have to be taxing.

Set it up right in your InvoiceASAP account and you can just sit back and focus on bringing in the sales.

Here we’ll explain how you can set up and edit tax rates on both the mobile app and the Manage Account website.

How to create a new tax rate

You can create new tax rates in both the InvoiceASAP mobile app and on the Manage Account Website ( We’ll guide you through how to do it on each platform.

First, head to an existing invoice or create a new one.

Then, if you’re using a tablet, or on the Manage Account website, tap on the blue chevron next to the existing tax rate.


If you’re on a phone, tap on the ‘Pick’ button on the Tax heading line.


This brings up a list of your existing tax rates (if you have any stored). If you need to create a new tax rate, select the Plus (+) icon in the upper right corner.


Enter your new tax information and press Save.


The new tax rate will then appear in your tax list. Select it and it will then appear on your invoice.

How to edit a tax rate

You can edit tax rates on both the mobile app and within the Manage Account website.

First off, open up the app on your mobile device or login to the Manage Account website (

If you’re using the mobile app, tap on ‘Manage app’ on the main menu, then hit ‘Tax rates’.


If you’re on the website, click on ‘Settings’ in the top right, then scroll down to the ‘Tax rates’ setting and select ‘Edit’ next to it (click on images below to enlarge).


Here you’ll see a table listing all your existing tax rates (if you have any saved). In this section you’re able to create, edit and delete tax rates.

To edit a tax rate on the mobile app, just tap on the tax rate you want to edit, make the necessary changes, then press ‘Save’.


On the Manage Account Website, click on the pencil icon (on the left) in the row where the tax rate you want to change is. Edit the tax information and press ‘Save’.

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Note: When editing a tax rate on the Manage Account Website you’ll notice you are also able to select whether a tax is ‘Active’ or not. This setting is useful if you don’t want co-workers to be able to select it on the mobile app but you also don’t want to delete it (for example if you are going to reinstate it in future).

How to delete a tax rate

If you are using a mobile device, tap on ‘Manage app’ from the main menu, then ‘Tax rates’. You will then see a list of all of your taxes.

To delete a tax rate, just swipe left over the one you want to remove and a red ‘Delete’ button will appear. Tap on this and it will be taken off the list.


On the Manage Account website, head to the tax rate ‘Edit’ page under ‘Settings’ (where all your tax rates are listed).

Then, click on the ‘X’ icon next to the tax rate you want to delete.


**Note:** If you delete a tax rate from the Manage Account website, it will still be visible on old invoices that have been paid before you deleted it. You just won’t be able choose it when creating an invoice in future.

And that’s it! Now get taxing!