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How InvoiceASAP’s Auto-Generated Reports Help You Manage Your Field Service Business

When you choose InvoiceASAP for your business, you get more than just invoicing; you get vital tools that are necessary to manage a successful business. Creating an account with InvoiceASAP gives you access to real-time auto-generated reports that are easy to access, easy to understand, and provide critical KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). 

These auto-generated reports allow you to track and engage with your most valuable customers, manage outstanding invoices, and understand which products or services are performing the best. They can also help you manage employee performance, restock inventory, and make critical business decisions.

All of our reports are managed through designated administrator privileges, enabling you to control who can and can’t view and use of the information. Your administrator, which depending on the size of your business, could be you, will be able to easily grant or restrict access to your company’s auto-generated reports. 

Valuable Auto-Generated InvoiceASAP Reports You Need to Start Using Today

InvoiceASAP’s auto-generated reports make managing your business easier than ever, and when it comes to an understanding of how well your business is running, knowing real-time information can help you make crucial decisions that can increase your bottom line.

Here are some of the valuable reporting tools InvoiceASAP offers for your business:

Top Consumer Sales Reports

The Top Customer Sales Reports will show you which customers are your best customers now, and which ones are the most valuable to your business long-term. 

The best type of customer for most businesses is a returning customer. You need to be able to identify who these returning customers are and build a strong relationship with them so you can keep them coming back. Customer loyalty can drive the success of your business. 

Along with the Top Customer Sales Report is your A/Receivable Report, where you will also see unpaid customer metrics, so you can see what customers may have outstanding invoices and how much revenue you have tied up. Knowing who has outstanding invoices, and being able to connect with them through the InvoiceASAP app quickly, makes it easier to get paid for the products or services you provide.

Top Item Sales Reports

Do you know what your best selling products or services are? Or how well each of your products or services are selling, and how much you are making from them?

If you don’t already know this information backward and forward, you should. And this report makes it easy to have the information accessible at any time.

With a Top Items Sales Report, you can see total sales, average cost, and the number sold regarding your products or services.

This critical information can help you make strategic decisions about your products and services. The more you know about the turnover of your products or the services costing you the most money to deliver, the better grounded your decisions will be concerning a given product or service going forward. 

Payment Reports

Keeping track of how your business is accepting payments is essential for understanding your customer and your business. 

Are you taking payments by check? Credit card? Cash? Know how your customers are paying and how much you are bringing in through each method of payment. 

Knowing how your customers prefer to pay empowers you to make payment easier. Now, with InvoiceASAP, your customers can make a payment with fees as low as 1%. 

User Reports

With User Reports, you can monitor and manage the people who are working for you. Manage user and employee performance and activity in real-time. This insight allows you to track and enhance productivity going forward. 

User Reports can be especially useful if you are managing a mobile team who must go out into the field to provide services. These reports allow you to see employees with the top sales, and those who have outstanding invoices.

Inventory Reports  

Your Inventory Reports are vital. These real-time reports generate how much product you have left to sell, so you know when you need to restock. 

Not knowing how much inventory you have in stock places your company in a vulnerable position. If your inventory is too low, you run the risk of selling out. When you sell out of inventory, customers can’t make purchases, and this can significantly impact your bottom line. 

If you are an InvoiceASAP user and are not already taking advantage of these valuable resources, we encourage you to start using them to manage your business. 

If you don’t already have an account with InvoiceASAP, be sure to sign up for free so you, too, can take advantage of the many services we offer. 

Take a look at some of the other valuable auto-generated reports available through InvoiceASAP: 

  • Invoice Reports
  • Payment Reports
  • Customer Reports
  • User Reports
  • Estimate Reports 
  • Sales Reports
  • Item Reports
  • Profitability Reports
  • Tax Reports

Auto-Generated Reports Benefit Your Business and Your Customers

Upgrade your business management with auto-generated reports. Merchants will have quick access to vital data related to sales, customers, profitability, inventory, and employees using the InvoiceASAP dashboard. 

There is no more need to work with complicated accounting software or complicated, messy spreadsheets. Now, you can have all of your valuable information auto-generated in a centralized location.  

From your dashboard, managers can easily track customer and employee performance, employees can better manage their relationships with their customers through easy access to A/R Reporting, and your accountants can easily access and manage Tax Reports for your business. 

Your customers also benefit from auto-generated reports provided by InvoiceASAP. These reports help strengthen customer relationships through better communication and increased efficiency. Easily manage your Customer Relationships and view Customer History, so you can quickly identify and anticipate each customer’s needs. All of this increases customer experience and satisfaction.

Learn more about how InvoiceASAP’s auto-generated reports can help you manage your business by creating a free account