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Tips for Increasing Your Electrical Services Sales in 5 Easy Steps

Where to find success in upselling electrical services? Take a relational tack during the sales process. One of your primary goals should be to make money. A professional electrician, however, also cares about providing a satisfactory solution to the customer’s issue in a way that would win his trust and lead to future work.

They’ve contacted and explained the issue they’re having with your company. They are counting on you to find a solution. Upselling entails suggesting more services to a client and allowing them to choose amongst themselves while you offer advice and guidance on hand. 

So how do you establish credibility and become an expert up-seller without appearing desperate? Following these five easy measures:

Establish Credibility Before Showing Up to Work

The first point of contact with a customer is crucial for establishing credibility. A phone call or email will likely kick off the relationship. Maintain a formal tone and respond to others quickly. If a client is worried, try to reassure them that everything will be okay.

After scheduling a meeting, it’s wise to remind yourself to call the day before or first thing in the morning of the scheduled day. When you reach the customer before you show up to a project, you put them at rest and begin to earn their trust. Review the requested service to ensure mutual understanding. 

85% of good salesmen use inquisitive queries. 

An excellent first impression is crucial.

Putting your best foot forward from the beginning of face-to-face interactions with customers is crucial.

Ensure you wear your uniform or clothes that adhere to the company’s dress code, that your truck is clean, and that you arrive on time. 

Smile and offer a handshake when you meet a customer. Make yourself known and politely request entrance.

Ask the consumer questions and explain simply what you will do if you are running diagnostics. 

Being personable and leading the customer through the service you will be giving builds rapport, credibility, and opportunities to upsell. 

Provide Alternatives and Discuss All Costs

When meeting with the client, the presentation is crucial to discuss options and strategy. 

You can put the onus on the consumer and show your willingness to help by providing a good, better, and best option for your electrical services. It’s always better to be ready if they go for the more expensive, higher-quality choice. 

On the job, you may discover that a minor electrical problem is a symptom of a more severe condition. An electrician’s best upselling opportunity may come in this situation but requires caution. Keep things straightforward. Inquiring minds want to know what you’d do if this were your house or place of business.  

It would be best if you warned about the potential risks and consequences of putting off resolving a major electrical problem without coming across as aggressive. Be forthright about how critical it is to remedy something or if it can wait.

Professionalism in presentation is facilitated by service software like InvoiceASAP. Your electricians can become sales pros using visual price presentations and suggested upgrades. 

Upselling is great because it takes the pressure off of making a deal. Everything else is merely gravy now that the consumer has consented to make such a sizable purchase.

It doesn’t take much work to upsell in a “by the way” approach by offering more upgrades or purchases. If “no” would be the answer, then so be it.  

Promote your Electrical Services by Upselling

When looking to make an upsell, you can employ several tried and tested sales techniques. Some examples:

The customer is assumed to want the product. Do you need anything else? It is an open-ended question that almost invariably gets a negative response. A more appropriate query would be, “How long has it been since somebody did an electrical safety inspection on your home?” Also, “Did you install that circuit breaker panel yourself?”

The added value of the upgrade or the extra fix should be mentioned first. Inquire as to whether or not you may provide further information about the necessity of this item, as well as its possible safety and utility benefits. When you come at it from a position of strength, you come across as less aggressive. 

Ensure they know how this service will help them—using your mobile device to display before and after photographs are one option. Proof that you’ve succeeded at similar tasks is always welcome.

Always put the customer’s needs before your own while making recommendations. You must be able to articulate precisely WHY they require it. This genuine effort makes a big difference. 

Promote your Electrical Services by Upselling- invoiceasap

Put Alternatives Forward Using Service Software

Upselling is more likely when you use service software like InvoiceASAP. Nobody enjoys having to do a quick Google search at work to demonstrate a specific step or procedure, and it’s inconvenient to call the office during a job to inquire about the work already done for the client.

Get up to speed on InvoiceASAP’s selling tools right away!

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