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The Secret to Satisfying Unhappy HVAC Customers

There are a variety of factors that can lead to dissatisfaction on the part of HVAC customers.

Perhaps the office manager gave the customer a price over the phone, and the technician tried to upsell them. It’s possible that the customer will be late to work because the technician is late. Customers who are particularly unhappy with HVAC contractors may have a bad day. 

How you handle an unhappy HVAC customer can determine what kind of company you run. Taking an objective, professional approach and attempting to comprehend their complaint are essential first steps in solving the issue. If the problem is resolved to the customer’s satisfaction, they may become devoted repeat buyers.

Several options are available for dealing with the problem at hand:

Pay Attention to the Upset HVAC Customer

It’s best to listen to an angry consumer rather than shut them off. Allow them to express themselves and know that their concerns are being heard. Before providing solutions, acknowledge the customer’s feelings and validate their frustrations.

If you want to ensure you’re addressing the same issue after they’ve had a chance to vent, explain the problem in your terms. If it is your fault or your company’s, apologize and find a solution. 

Calm the waters by settling the dispute in a mutually beneficial way. When a customer understands that you are on the same page as them, their fury typically subsides. Let’s have a look at a few examples:

  • The customer is upset because they think you charged too much for the new furnace you just installed. Reiterate the pricing options available to the customer (good, better, and best) and review everything to ensure their satisfaction. Walk them through the reasoning behind that concept; maybe only a few things will work for your client’s situation. 
  • Even though you were only 5 minutes late, the customer complained that you should have arrived sooner. You should apologize if you’re late since people’s time is valued. Tell them you may be running a little late sometimes because of things beyond your control or because the previous work took longer than expected. Don’t try to reason with a customer that five minutes isn’t a big deal; you’ll only make them feel disrespected. Instead, reassure them that you will do everything possible to do the task correctly and on schedule. 

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Respect every customer.

The hardest part of being an HVAC technician is doing a good job even when people are rude and not treating you with the respect you deserve. 

Service technicians need excellent people skills since they interact with customers of diverse backgrounds and preferences. Being pleasant and helpful to consumers goes a long way toward gaining their loyalty.

Do the same work in a five-million-dollar office as you would in a two-room shanty. You should put on a happy face even if you’re not cheerful because you’re there to fix their furnace or air conditioner. 

You have to work harder to gain the trust of new clients because they don’t know who you are. If you want to win them over, use these methods.

  • Do not arrive in a dirty truck, including the very core. Customers can be nosy and occasionally peek inside your van, and people can think you’re careless with your work if they find snack wrappers and invoices all over your van.
  • Act professionally and observe any dress code requirements set forth by your employer.
  • Shake hands, make eye contact, and smile as you introduce yourself.
  • Once the problem has been identified, you should describe it and the necessary solution. Obtain approval of the cost BEFORE beginning the project.
  • Display the old and new components by taking the consumer through the installation process. 
  • Leave the area neater than how you found it, and thank your customers for their support.
  • Check-in with the client in a day or two to see whether they need help. One helpful tool for this is InvoiceASAP.
Respect every customer- invoiceasap

Those Terrifying Words: “I Checked Up The Part on Amazon”

Every technician has had a customer try to “nickel and dime” them by researching the part(s) they have installed. The client will reference the lower price they saw online and demand to know why they were charged extra. 

You can calmly explain that you run a successful business and that the item they bought online will surely be cheaper, but you have the part available right now in your truck, which is why you should be the one to get the job done. The customer is paying you to solve their problem quickly and easily. 

Also, make it clear that even though the part is less expensive, it must be installed by a trained professional. Remember to mention that you’ll charge them a separate fee for the installation! 

The Customer Is Still Angry, So Expect a Poor Rating

An HVAC technician must provide excellent service while treating customers with dignity and respect, regardless of how they may treat you. 

The goal is to leave the client more satisfied than before you started working for them. It’s been said before that “you can’t please everyone.” You can only do your best, though. 

Arguing with a client is bad for both the client and the tech. Before you can even start your truck to leave, an angry customer has turned into a keyboard fighter. One negative comment can have a more significant impact than twenty favorable ones.

86% of shoppers reported that negative reviews impacted their purchasing decisions.

Be sure to respond quickly if you get a negative review. If you’re sure the complaint was justified, apologize and offer to make good on your error during a follow-up visit.

Requesting an email or phone call from an angry reviewer might help you figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. The review thread is not where to assign blame or start a fight with other users. If there are still finer points to be worked out, try to move the discussion offline. 

Concerns regarding the quality of your service can be put to rest with a professionally written response that explains what went wrong and what was done to fix it.  

See how InvoiceASAP can put a smile on your customer’s face!

When customers are satisfied, they often return. 

You now have various tools for calming heated HVAC client interactions and restoring harmony. When a problem arises during a service call, remember these guidelines.

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