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Top 5 Methods for Increasing Service Truck Safety

Given the problematic working conditions of service truck drivers, you must make truck safety a top priority.

Service truck safety, however, is crucial on the job and also while the truck is being loaded or unloaded or while it is being driven around town. In this post, you’ll find helpful tips for the best adjustments to safety procedures and portable supplies to bring along in a service truck.

Reasons Why Investing in Service Truck Safety Could Save Your Company

The importance of keeping your service trucks secure may take time to become apparent.

However, it’s been said that preventing something is preferable to fixing it.

The reliability of your service vehicles will improve dramatically year after year if you prioritize safety, maintenance, and prevention.

Your service staff will have the required safety gear to perform their jobs without risk. Also, your clients will value your dependability.

Embrace New Technologies for Truck Safety

Companies may now equip their service vehicles with various automated accident-avoidance features, thanks to advancements in safety technology. The following options can ensure that your service staff members always get home safely at the end of each shift:

  • Limiters on Speed
  • Warnings when something is close by
  • Leaving your lane
  • Monitoring of Movement with GPS
  • Warnings of impending collisions
  • Cameras for reverse and side views
  • Automatic brakes for emergencies

By 2021, all trucks in service must be equipped with autonomous driving technology. 

One out of every five rear-end collisions involving huge trucks may be avoided with this lifesaving technology.

Create a Plan for Routine Maintenance

Every service vehicle needs to be serviced regularly. After all, you wouldn’t want your staff members to be stranded on the side of the road, rummaging around in the engine, when they might be out there helping customers.

Here are some preventative maintenance tasks to think about arranging in advance:

  • Oil checks
  • Change fluids
  • Fresh batteries
  • Checking the brakes

Tire treads should be inspected frequently as well. Tires are the only thing standing between your staff and the road, so keep that in mind. Just 1 in 10 drivers maintains the recommended tire pressure. As a result, there is wasted fuel, uneven wear, and potential safety issues.

Each service vehicle is crucial to your business’s success; therefore, ensuring its drivers’ safety is a top priority. Ensure they’re always in good shape so you never find yourself stranded.

Create a Plan for Routine Maintenance- invoiceasap

Supply Every Truck with Road Safety Equipment

When you arrive at a job site in your service truck, parking may take time to anticipate. Unfortunately, the road conditions at many service locations are less than ideal, which could endanger your service staff from approaching cars or inattentive motorists.

Workers loading and unloading vehicles risk serious injury or death on narrow, curving highways with blind curves. Fortunately, a few compact truck safety accessories can serve as early warning systems for oncoming traffic.

Avoid Distraction While Driving

The prevalence of screens in everyday life is undeniable. We rely on them in many aspects, from jobs to recreation to communication to trade. Your drivers will most likely include GPS devices in their daily routines.

Do not drive distracted!” warns the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Don’t operate the vehicle while inputting addresses or other data into the GPS.

When driving a service truck, it’s essential to establish and share a policy on using electronic devices. Explain in detail how you want your service drivers to input data and plan their routes before they start driving.

Make Punctuality a Mission.

Every one of us values punctuality. As a business owner, one of your top priorities is ensuring that customers are not kept waiting.

However, there is a limit at which trying to make up for the time lost due to weather or traffic could be considered hazardous. You are the boss, so keep that in mind, and the rules are up to you.

You need to trust the people driving your trucks if you want your customers to trust you to be where you say you’ll be at the agreed time.

Think about the fact that the road conditions your team will confront regularly are unpredictable. Ensure the office and dispatch staff leave ample time for technicians to get from one appointment to the next.

Service truck drivers should be given the authority to make snap decisions when necessary. When drivers feel respected and trusted, they are less likely to experience stress when behind the wheel.

You may also use a field management system like InvoiceASAP to notify customers in advance of the arrival of service technicians. In addition, InvoiceASAP aids dispatchers in organizing each technician’s work schedule more effectively. This device can guarantee that technicians have sufficient time to travel between jobs.

InvoiceASAP helps you keep tabs on your staff, streamlines routine tasks, and reduces stress. Try InvoiceASAP today!

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