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How InvoiceASAP’s Auto-Generated Reports Help You Manage Your Field Service Business

When you choose InvoiceASAP for your business, you get more than just invoicing; you get vital tools that are necessary to manage a successful business. Creating an account with InvoiceASAP gives you access to real-time auto-generated reports that are easy to access, easy to understand, and provide critical KPI's (Key Performance Indicators).  These auto-generated reports allow you to track and engage with your most valuable customers, manage outstanding invoices, and understand which products or services are performing the best. They can also help you manage employee performance, restock inventory, and make critical business decisions. All of our reports are managed through designated administrator privileges, enabling you to control who can and can't view and use of the information. Your administrator, which depending on the size of your business, could be you, will be able to easily grant or restrict access to your company's auto-generated reports.  Valuable Auto-Generated InvoiceASAP Reports You Need to Start Using Today InvoiceASAP's auto-generated reports make managing your business easier than ever, and when it comes to an understanding of how well your business is running, knowing real-time information can help you make crucial decisions that can increase your bottom line. Here are some of the valuable reporting tools InvoiceASAP offers for your business: Top Consumer Sales Reports The Top Customer Sales Reports will show you which customers are your best customers now, and which ones are the most valuable to your business long-term.  The best type of customer for most businesses is a returning customer. You need to be able to identify who these returning customers are and build a strong relationship with them so you can keep them coming back. Customer loyalty can drive the success of your business.  Along with the Top Customer Sales Report is your A/Receivable Report, where you will also see unpaid customer metrics, so you can see what customers may have outstanding invoices and how much revenue you have tied up. Knowing who has outstanding invoices, and being able to connect with them through the InvoiceASAP app quickly, makes it easier to get paid for the products or services you provide. Top Item Sales Reports Do you know what your best selling products or services are? Or how well each of your products or services are selling, and how much you are making from them? If you don't already know this information backward and forward, you should. And this report makes it easy to have the information accessible at any time. With a Top Items Sales Report, you can see total sales, average cost, and the number sold regarding your products or services. This critical information can help you make strategic decisions about your products and services. The more you know about the turnover of your products or the services costing you the most money to deliver, the better grounded your decisions will be concerning a given product or service going forward.  Payment Reports Keeping track of how your business is accepting payments is essential for understanding your customer and your business.  Are you taking payments by check? Credit card? Cash? Know how your customers are paying and how much you are bringing in through each method of payment.  Knowing how your customers prefer to pay empowers you to make payment easier. Now, with InvoiceASAP, your customers can make a payment with fees as low as 1%.  User Reports With User Reports, you can monitor and manage the people who are working for you. Manage user and employee performance and activity in real-time. This insight allows you to track and enhance productivity going forward.  User Reports can be especially useful if you are managing a mobile team who must go out into the field to provide services. These reports allow you to see employees with the top sales, and those who have outstanding invoices. Inventory Reports   Your Inventory Reports are vital. These real-time reports generate how much product you have left to sell, so you know when you need to restock.  Not knowing how much inventory you have in stock places your company in a vulnerable position. If your inventory is too low, you run the risk of selling out. When you sell out of inventory, customers can't make purchases, and this can significantly impact your bottom line.  If you are an InvoiceASAP user and are not already taking advantage of these valuable resources, we encourage you to start using them to manage your business.  If you don't already have an account with InvoiceASAP, be sure to sign up for free so you, too, can take advantage of the many services we offer.  Take a look at some of the other valuable auto-generated reports available through InvoiceASAP:  Invoice ReportsPayment ReportsCustomer ReportsUser ReportsEstimate Reports Sales ReportsItem ReportsProfitability ReportsTax Reports Auto-Generated Reports Benefit Your Business and Your Customers Upgrade your business management with auto-generated reports. Merchants will have quick access to vital data related to sales, customers, profitability, inventory, and employees using the InvoiceASAP dashboard.  There is no more need to work with complicated accounting software or complicated, messy spreadsheets. Now, you can have all of your valuable information auto-generated in a centralized location.   From your dashboard, managers can easily track customer and employee performance, employees can better manage their relationships with their customers through easy access to A/R Reporting, and your accountants can easily access and manage Tax Reports for your business.  Your customers also benefit from auto-generated reports provided by InvoiceASAP. These reports help strengthen customer relationships through better communication and increased efficiency. Easily manage your Customer Relationships and view Customer History, so you can quickly identify and anticipate each customer's needs. All of this increases customer experience and satisfaction. Learn more about how InvoiceASAP's auto-generated reports can help you manage your business by creating a free account. 
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5 Ways InvoiceASAP Boosts Your Customer’s Experience

InvoiceASAP is great for sending invoices on the go, but that isn’t the only reason our customers love us.  Our customers love us because their customers love us.  InvoiceASAP is one of the most popular mobile invoicing tools out there. It has a simple interface, syncs well with different accounting software, including Quickbooks and Quickbooks Desktop, and works across multiple devices. But scratch beneath the surface and you unlock so much more. The InvoiceASAP platform can double up as your biggest customer service ally, helping you to inject greatness into your interactions with clients. Here are five ways you can truly delight your customers with the power of InvoiceASAP…  1. Tailor Customer Experience Through Personalized Notes Isn’t it nice when someone provides you with a service and it really feels like they know you? Like when your Cleaner remembers how you like your fresh laundry folded, or when your Landscaper brings along doggy treats to mellow your 80lb German Shepherd pup in the backyard. Even something simple like your favorite restaurant knowing your name and remembering how you like your favorite meal.  That warm fuzzy feeling – it’s great, and it’s what keeps customers coming back. What’s even greater is that with a little help from InvoiceASAP, it’s super easy to provide this kind of service to your customers. The Customer Notes feature on InvoiceASAP allows you to add private notes about your customers to share internally.  Get familiar with it.  If used right, it can really help to supercharge your customer interactions. Whether you use InvoiceASAP as a team or you’re just a one-man-band, this feature will allow you to store notes so that you can provide a more tailored service to each of your customers. Now, you and your whole team can personally get to know your customers and give them the personalized service that will keep them coming back and feeling like family. Here’s how to add customer notes on a mobile device:. Check out our forum post on adding customer notes for more info. 2. Easily Download Customer Data and Send Exclusive Updates and Deals  Did you know that you can download data from InvoiceASAP? Well, you can, and what’s more, you can do a ton of amazing things with this data to improve customer experience. If you have a company update or special offer you want to share directly with customers, you can easily pull contact data from InvoiceASAP to get in touch with your customers en masse. When you download data from InvoiceASAP it gets stored as a .csv file on your computer which you can then upload into an Excel spreadsheet. If you’re a bit of an Excel whizz you could even filter your customers by city or state or by the products or services they’ve purchased then send them targeted email or mail. A quick guide to downloading data: Head to the Manage Account website ( and log inClick on ReportsSelect the report category (i.e., Invoice Reports) and then the specific report you would like to viewHere you’ll see a list of all the data in that report. Use the calendar to search for data within a specific timeframeClick Export 3. Attach Before and After Photos to Your Invoices If you fix, build, clean, create, paint or do anything that visually transforms something – start adding photo attachments to your invoices and estimates. This is a great tool for showing proof of work and demonstrating your incredible handiwork, giving customers another reason to keep coming back. One InvoiceASAP user we recently spoke with told us why he loved this feature. Working in the maintenance industry he was required to send out proof of work to clients after a job was completed as they were often not able to sign-off on the work in person. He’d send out an estimate with an image of what he was working on before the fix, then after the job, he’d attach an image to the invoice. Not only did it demonstrate his great work to clients, but it was also super easy to do. Check out our blog post on adding proof of work photos to invoices, to learn how. 4. Offer More Ways For Your Customers to Pay Make it easy for customers to do business with you and they’ll be more likely to come back.  We’ve all been there before – you’re midway through an order at the local coffee shop to find they only accept cash and you are penniless aside from your bank card. What do you do? Go off in search of the nearest ATM? Maybe. Cancel your order and walk away? Probably. The same thinking can apply to any one of your customers at the point you make a sale. By limiting your payment options, you limit your customers. With InvoiceASAP it’s really easy to add new payment methods to your account. The payment services that we connect to include Square, PayPal, and WePay. By broadening your payment options, your client will not only be happier, you’re also more likely to get paid faster. After all, the hard part is getting customers. Accepting their money should be the easy part. Quick guide to adding a new payment method: Head to the Manage Account website ( and loginClick on My Payment MethodsSelect the payment service you wish to connect your InvoiceASAP account to. If you want to add Square or PayPal, you will need to create an account with these services before you can connect.Click Save then follow the setup instructions. To add Square, PayPal or you will first need to be on a Base, Plus or Biz plan. If you’re not already, you can upgrade here. 5. Audio Notes Add a Personal Touch A little personal touch can go a long way. That’s why we decided to introduce audio notes for invoices. With this feature, you can record a short voice memo and attach it to a client’s invoice or estimate. Maybe you have further comments to share on the work carried out, or you just want to add a friendly greeting. Whatever you do, see it as an extension of your great customer service and make your customers smile. Learn how to add voice memos to your invoices. Boost Your Customer Experience with InvoiceASAP! So now you have the knowledge, what are you waiting for? Get delighting those customers! Get started with InvoiceASAP by signing up for your free account. We’ll make invoicing your customers easier, while also helping you personalize your invoices and boosting your customer interaction. 
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Mega-Trend: How Mobile Business Solutions are Revolutionizing Construction

From smartphones to tablets – technology is not only changing how businesses communicate, connect and discover, it is disrupting entire industries. The construction industry is by no means isolated from this revolution. Early adopters are investing now in more innovative mobile solutions to outperform their peers and become more efficient in every way. The mobile mega-trend is driving business innovation at a rapid pace as more and more construction businesses are reaping the rewards every day –  don’t get left behind! Thinking strategically about an approach to on-site estimate and invoice management is one element of this shift. It is no longer necessary to be tied to a desk in order to carry out administrative or back-office tasks. A Site Manager can be onsite responding to emails, checking in on the latest project updates and creating customer estimates and invoices on the spot. Mobile invoicing specifically is a small step that goes a long way in helping businesses to increase efficiency, reduce payment errors and drastically improve their cashflow. What is mobile invoicing all about, and what are the fundamental benefits for those in the construction industry? 1. Create invoices, estimates and sales orders from the construction site Mobile invoicing solutions transform mobile devices into powerful business management tools, increasing the efficiency of teams in the field enabling them to effectively take their office with them, wherever they go. 2. Instant billing and faster payment Unsurprisingly, the faster an invoice is sent, the quicker a business will receive payment. Mobile invoicing enables businesses to create and send an invoice the second the job is done, thus cutting out the need for the customer to wait days for this to (hopefully) turn up in the mail. 3. Cloud storage – one central location for all information that can be accessed on any device. By storing all estimates and invoices in the cloud, every single document can be accessed and edited on a mobile device or computer whether staff are out in the field or back at the office. Using a mobile platform also means that staff working onsite are able to input customer data directly into the invoicing software using their phone or tablet, and it will update everywhere. 4. Integration with accounting software A mobile invoicing solution is great as a standalone but it also needs to work in sync with accounting software. Thankfully, there are some great mobile invoicing solutions out there that integrate fully with major accounting platforms which eliminate the risk of double entries, enabling smoother and more accurate financial management. 5. Capture signatures With touchscreen technology, clients can sign with a finger or stylus on a mobile device. This can be especially useful for receiving approval on an estimate or for businesses who need to add a signature to an invoice before sending to the client for payment.  Signature capture on mobile devices can also be cloud-stored securely with the signed document. 6. Attach photos easily to show proof of work Showing proof of work is a common requirement for construction pros. Using a mobile invoicing app, means businesses can easily attach before and after photos to estimates and invoices without the need to be switching between devices or sending photos as separate attachments. 7. Big cost savings By cutting out manual payment processes, and speeding up the payment cycle, businesses are realizing big cost savings. A 2012 global e-invoicing study stated that 56 percent of businesses experience a reduced cost of invoice processing when using more sophisticated technology in comparison to using more rudimentary processes. Finally… Cloud-computing and mobile technology are transforming construction, period. When it comes to accounting technology, it’s not a question of ‘if’ businesses in the sector will adopt, but ‘when’. The forward thinking-companies who adopt these new ways of financial management will be the ones who get ahead.  Photo credit: © TommL,  About the Author Paul Hoeper is CEO and Founder of InvoiceASAP, the first fully integrated mobile invoicing and payments platform. He is an industry expert in mobile commerce and business software solutions. Learn more about InvoiceASAP
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New! Card on File is Now Available

Today, we are excited to announce a highly anticipated update: Card on File is now available for our credit card and bank users! Our new Card on File feature lets you securely store your customers’ credit card information, making it easier for you and your customer when you have an invoice that needs to be paid. Collecting a customer’s credit card information is very simple: You can send your customers a request from the InvoiceASAP Web Dashboard, and they complete a secure form with their credit card information. Your customer can opt to have their credit card stored when they pay an InvoiceASAP web invoice. You can enter your customer’s credit card information securely from the InvoiceASAP Web Dashboard. You can store up to 3 different credit cards for each customer, and when it’s time to pay an invoice, select the credit card you need. And, of course, you still have the other payment options, like cash, check or draft, to choose from. Card on File is the first of many features that InvoiceASAP plans to offer as part of our growing technology partnerships. If you’d like to find out more about Card on File, please click here.
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Product Update: Accept Payments via Square, New App Icon and More…

This month we have brought a few major updates to InvoiceASAP along with some smaller tweaks and bug fixes. In this month’s update: Accept invoice payments via Square New app icon Upgrade your account directly within the iOS app Easily filter and find documents based on their status Redesigned customer notes Payments via Square on Apple devices The biggest (and most exciting) update over the past month has been our integration with Square. With this update, you’re now able to… Take swipe payments on your iOS mobile device (using their free Square Reader) Display Square as a payment option on invoices for web payments We know that a lot of our customers already love using Square so it seemed like a no-brainer for us to connect the two platforms. Since launching the integration, we’ve had a lot of really positive feedback from customers. If you’re interested in adding Square as a payment method for your invoices, check out our guide to connecting your InvoiceASAP account with Square. A new look for InvoiceASAP From time to time it’s good to have a bit of a refresh. At InvoiceASAP we felt we needed to inject a little spark into our brand and in doing so, have redesigned our app icon. You may have noticed the update already, but if not, the next time you update the InvoiceASAP app you’ll see the new icon will have replaced our old one. This is all part of a phased approach to refreshing our brand. Upgrade your account directly within the iOS app If you use InvoiceASAP on an iPhone or iPad, you can now change your subscription directly through the app. Previously the only way to manage your subscription would be by logging into your account on the InvoiceASAP website (which is not so great if you’re on the go!). To update your subscription on your iOS device, simply login to the app, select Manage App > Subscription. Here you can select which plan you’d like to subscribe to, or if you’re already subscribed to one of our paid plans, you can tap this screen to manage your subscription through the App Store. Improved document filtering We’ve updated the Invoice and Estimate List screens on the mobile app so that you can easily filter and find documents based on their status. When you tap on Invoice List or Estimate List in the mobile app, you’ll see there are now three tabs at the top of the screen. On the Invoice List screen, you can view ‘All Invoices’, ‘Paid Invoices’ or ‘Unpaid Invoices’. On the Estimate List screen, you can view ‘All Estimates’, ‘Open Estimates’ or ‘Approved Estimates’. Redesigned Customer Notes We’ve made the customer notes part of the app much cleaner so that you can see the most important information at a quick glance. If you haven’t used customer notes on the app before, you should! It’s a super helpful part of the product that allows you to add internal notes about customers. For instance, you may want to warn your co-workers that one of your customers has a big dog in their backyard or keep a note of the building access code for another customer. To add a customer note, simply tap on Customers when you are on home screen of the app, select a customer, then select View Notes. To add a new note, simply tap on the ‘+’ symbol in the top right of the screen.
Advanced tax features and document retrieval

Product Update: Introducing Advanced Tax Settings, Document Retrieval Updates and More…

In this month’s update: Choose which documents can be viewed on the mobile app Edit the Quantity and Unit Price column titles Set tax and payment terms for individual customers and jobs Automated accounting sync error reporting Document Retrieval settings: choose which invoices/estimates you see on your mobile device In the past, we’ve downloaded the most recent 500 invoices onto the mobile app. However, we’ve had a number of requests from customers who would like access to all of their invoices, or they want their team in the field to see current invoices only. To handle all of these requests, we have added a new setting called ‘Document Retrieval’. You can update this setting via the Manage Account website ( > Login > Settings. Your options are: Most Recent 500 (default) Last 1 Day Last 7 Days Last 30 Days Last 60 Days Last 90 Days Last 120 Days Last 365 Days Last 18 Months Last 2 Years All Documents Additionally, if you have team members, the Company Admin can now change the document retrieval settings so that users can view all invoices/estimates created by the company or just the ones that they’ve created Once logged into the Manage Account website, head to ‘Manage users’ on the left and click on the key icon next to a user to edit them. Here you’ll see the setting ‘View all company invoices’. If this is checked, then the user will see all invoices or estimates. If it’s not checked, then the user will only see their own invoices/estimates. Change the Quantity and Unit Price column titles on documents You can now customize the Unit Price and Quantity column headings on invoices and estimates. For example, instead of Unit Price, you can call this column ‘Hourly Rate’, and you can rename the Quantity heading to, ‘Hours Spent’. You can update this on the Manage Account website ( > Login > Settings. Set tax and payment terms for individual customers and jobs Note: For Plus and Biz users only We’ve updated the tax settings so that you can apply a default tax to a specific customer, job or location and also mark customers and jobs/locations as being ‘taxable’ or ‘non-taxable’. Previously, each customer and job/location would have the same default tax setting applied to them. If you work in places that have multiple tax rates, or you have customers with different tax rates, you’d need to change this every time you created an invoice. Now, if you edit a customer or job/location, you will see an ‘Advanced settings’ button. Click on this and you’ll be able to do the following: Mark a customer as Taxable or Non-Taxable Set a default tax rate for each customer and job/location Set a default payment term for each customer and job/location For a step-by-step guide on how to do this, check out our forum post on Advanced tax settings Automated Sync Error Reporting Note: For QuickBooks Online and Xero customers only We now get notified immediately if you get a sync error on QuickBooks Online or Xero. This means we’re able to start digging into the issue for you (if you haven’t been able to resolve it yourself) and either fix it on our end or send you instructions for fixing it yourself. This update will help us to provide you with a better customer service and improve the accounting sync.
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InvoiceASAP Now Accepts Payments via Square on Apple Devices!

We’re super pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with our friends (and neighbors) at Square to make it even easier for you to take invoice payments. You’re now able to… Take swipe payments on your iOS mobile device (using their free Square Reader) Display Square as a payment option on invoices for web payments **Note:** Square as a payment option is only currently available within our iOS app. How to get set up – 4 easy steps 1. **Login to the InvoiceASAP Manage Account website**( > Login)  2. Select ‘My Payment Methods’  3. Create a Square Account OR Connect an existing Square Account Select Square from the drop down. If you don’t already have a Square account, click ‘Sign up for Square’. If you do have a Square account, hit ‘Save’ and you’ll be directed to a Square login page. Login to Square and follow the setup instructions on screen.  4. Install the latest InvoiceASAP iOS app Download the latest version of InvoiceASAP - available on the Apple App store. Unfortunately Square isn’t currently available on Android. **Once set up, Square will display as a payment option to customers when you send them invoices and take payments on your mobile.** For more detailed setup instructions, check out our forum article on How to Accept Payments with Square.