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3 Easy Ways to Get More Plumbing Leads and Customers There will always be times when a company feels like its growth has stalled. It may have been some time since you signed up a new customer.  Due to the chaos of daily life, you may have needed more time and energy to generate new customers.  Are you seeking a fresh start for your company?  InvoiceASAP is here to assist you. Here are three easy ways to significantly increase your plumbing business's leads and customers: Pay Attention To Recommendations And Ratings New businesses can be easily expanded through satisfied customers' reviews and recommendations. They're crucial since almost all clients now conduct preliminary research about a purchase on the Internet.  Ratings Every company wants nothing more than perfect feedback. Because of this, you should put in maximum effort to get feedback and provide constructive responses to favorable and unfavorable comments. Below are some of the most well-known review sites on the web, along with brief descriptions of each. Google: Verify that your company's location is on its Google Business page. Google Maps and browsers make it easy for customers to submit feedback for local businesses. Facebook: In place of traditional 5-star ratings, customers may now state whether or not they would recommend a business and provide detailed explanations for their votes. Yelp: More than 17 years have passed since Yelp's founding, giving it ample time to hone its review-gathering skills. In a pool of over 240 million reviews, home services make up roughly 18%.  LinkedIn and Glassdoor: Review platforms like this let your staff voice their opinions about working for your company. Even if it's not meant for potential customers, reading recent evaluations of current or former employees about your firm is a great idea.  Smartphones are widely available and used. In addition, 87 percent of smartphone owners have access to at least one of the following: Google, Facebook, or Yelp. That's why it's crucial to get satisfied consumers to submit reviews for other potential buyers to read. Recommendation The referrer and the person referred stand to gain from a well-designed referral scheme.  The current customer who refers to the new client and the new customer might benefit from an incentive like a free plumbing inspection or 20% off a service call.  It is essential to spread the word about your referral program once it is complete. Ensure your in-store consumers know about it, and promote it in your promotional materials.  Having reliable field service software that facilitates tracking and conducting referral programs is essential for keeping track of these recommendations. Create a New or Revamped Business Blog Your business website needs a blog.  Why? Reasons come in a wide variety. Search engine traffic may be increased by maintaining a blog. They might not result in immediate purchases but will boost your business in the long run. According to a recent Forbes research, customers are more likely to do business with firms who maintain blogs. When readers believe in the information you provide, they are more inclined to buy from your company. Maintaining a consistent blog presence can also assist your business in establishing itself as an industry leader. This will increase your brand recognition and your visibility in Google search results.  A blog on your plumbing website can increase traffic by 125% compared to a site without one. Reasons why: 125% more people visit active websites Aim to update your site at least once a week. Increasing your online profile with each new blog post may attract more readers and potential customers. Also, people using Google to look for information on plumbing will be more likely to come across your blog or website. Just what does this signify? Increased site visits can result in more leads and recommendations.  You should consistently produce high-quality material to keep visitors returning to your site. Keywords Keyword-rich blogs will do the same for your website. Google and other search engines are more likely to feature your material in search results if you incorporate keywords that prospects put into their search box. Fill your blogs with plumbing-related keywords that people will use to find you online. Keywords such as: Dripping toilet Fixing a broken toilet Stumped drain The point is made. Do you need more motivation? Consider the inquiries or concerns that your consumers often have. If someone keeps asking you the same question, you can bet they're looking for it online.  Feel free to insert keywords into the body of your blog post as you go along. WordPress and other authoring platforms include plugins that analyze your usage of keywords and SEO to improve your site's position in SERPs.  Call-To-Action Every blog article should have a prominent call-to-action button. It can encourage visitors to explore more of your site and respond to your communications without leaving, and it signals to search engines that your site is active and exciting. Social Networking Sites Sharing your blog posts on social media channels should be done whenever possible.  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great places to spread the word about your blog and attract new readers. Flyers and door hangers might attract more customers. You and your team need to be on the lookout for new clients when out making service calls. Take advantage of the street of one of your current customers! When meeting potential clients, be sure to distribute flyers and door hangers.  Check out how InvoiceASAP can help you simplify your referral program and increase brand love. Related: The Secret to Satisfying Unhappy HVAC Customers - Invoiceasap