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10 Plumbing Tools Your Business Must Have Even if you are the most skilled plumber in the world, your project might not succeed without the proper plumbing equipment. With InvoiceASAP, we'll review the essential plumbing tools that every plumber needs in their toolbox in this article. We'll also show you a bonus tool to give your company an advantage.  After this article, you'll learn: You cannot live without the essential plumbing supplies. Plumbing equipment that is highly regarded by businesses that succeed You'll also find a different bonus tool to help you take your business to the next level immediately! Adjustable wrench An adjustable wrench is a multifunctional tool that can be used for several jobs, such as: adjusting the tightness and looseness of nuts and bolts, particularly in confined spaces As well as working with pipes of all sizes and tightening and losing pipe fittings Utilizing additional tools, such as pliers and screwdrivers, to grasp objects, turn screws, and loosen nuts Pipe wrench Pipes can be held and turned using pipe wrenches. They typically have two serrated jaws to grip the pipe and are made of steel or cast iron. Utilize pipe wrenches for a range of plumbing tasks, such as: Adjusting the nuts and bolts holding pipe fittings together by tightening and loosening them By exerting pressure on the wrench's jaws, cut pipes Pipe removal by grasping and rotating the pipe Installing pipes by grasping and rotating the pipe Basin Wrench The basin wrench completes the set of essential wrenches. It is a specialized plumbing tool with a long handle and a rotating, self-adjusting gripping head. Use this wrench to tighten and remove the mounting nuts on faucet tailpieces. The tool's design enables use in confined spaces where other tools can't. Some of the best applications for a basin wrench include: Adjusting faucet nuts in constrained spaces removing faucets by reaching the nuts (even those hidden behind the sink) with the long handle and rotating head Installing faucets by quickly tightening and loosening the nuts with the long handle and rotating head To guarantee proper installation A plumbing snake A long, flexible metal cable with a corkscrew or other type of head on the end is a plumber's snake, also called a drain auger. It is employed to unclog pipes and drains. It can also be used to locate misplaced items like rings.  Some of the best applications for a plumber's snake include: clearing clogged drains in sinks, showers, or toilets (the most frequent application) cleaning clogged water pipes, such as sewage pipes removing and locating misplaced objects from pipes Plumbing Pliers Water pump pliers, also known as plumber's pliers, are an adaptable tool that can be used for several jobs, such as: Adjusting the tightness and looseness of nuts and bolts (select from a variety of opening sizes to grasp almost any shape) slicing through hoses, wires, and other materials Using the serrated jaws, bend and shape metal. Removing and locating misplaced items from pipes supplying pressure. Leverage can be created by the extended handles of plumber's pliers, making it simpler to turn nuts and bolts. Measurement tape Any plumbing project requires a tape measure. Utilize it to determine distances. To mark lines on pipes and other objects, you can also use it. Plungers A plunger is one of the most basic but efficient plumbing tools for unclogging clogged drains. Finding the ideal plunger for a given job is also made simple by the wide range of sizes available. The particular plunger you select depends on the type of drain you need to unclog, even though all plungers create suction to remove or pull clogs from drains. Tape to Seal Threads To stop leaks in threaded pipe connections, use thread seal tape. It works great for a lot of simple plumbing tasks. Hacksaw A plumber's hacksaw is a particular kind of saw used to cut metal pipes. It has a delicate blade that is made to cut through metal quickly. Use plumbers' hacksaws to cut pipes made of steel, iron, and copper. The following are a few applications for a plumber's hacksaw: (The most frequent use) Cutting pipes Taking apart pipe fittings Pipe ends should be cleanly cut off. Cutting bolts, nuts, and sheet metal, as well as other metal objects The Plumber's Torch A "plumber's torch" tool uses heat to melt solder or brazing rods. Use it for a range of plumbing tasks, such as: Copper pipe soldering. Using a filler metal that melts at a lower temperature than the metal being joined, two pieces can be joined using the soldering process. The two pieces of metal are joined together by melting the solder, which is heated with a plumber's torch until it melts and flows into the joint. Copper pipe brazing. Like soldering, brazing involves melting a filler metal hotter than the metal being joined. In comparison to soldering, brazing creates a stronger joint. Removing pipes. Pipes can be melted and then cut using a plumber's torch. When pipes are too small to be cut with a saw, this is a quick and straightforward method.  Flux removal. Before soldering or brazing, flux is used to clean the metal's surfaces. After brazing or soldering, remove the flux by heating it with a plumber's torch until it vaporizes. A few additional tools can be helpful for plumbers in addition to these ten essential ones. These consist of: Flashlights Buckets protective gloves security lenses first aid kit By making sure you have these tools on hand, you can be ready for any job that may come your way. Plumbing Bonus Tool to Grow Your Business Software might not seem like a necessary component of your plumbing toolkit. Today's plumber, however, has access to a wide range of professional tools. Plumbing software of the highest caliber is essential for any profitable enterprise. Additionally, the best plumbing software handles all the labor-intensive tasks to ensure your daily operations—billing, accounting, and dispatching—run without a hitch. You can spend more time working on your business and less on it, thanks to InvoiceASAP. This enables you to concentrate on tasks at a higher level to maximize revenue and boost conversions. Related: Reasons Why Plumbing Dispatch Software Saves 20+ Hours a Week - Invoiceasap Download InvoiceASAP to your tablet or phone for the following reasons:  You can manage your business from anywhere, thanks to the mobile CRM. You can dispatch technicians using your tablet or phone from any mobile device, saving countless hours. Make work orders and send out technicians as well. The customer management function enables your plumbers to examine finished projects. This displays the tools used and shows customers visual representations of the issue and the repair process. Transactions can be completed quickly and with better cash flow thanks to invoicing, accounting, and immediate payment collection.  The Best Plumbing Tools Will Help You Grow Your Business You'll know exactly what you need for even the most difficult tasks if you use these recommendations for professional plumbing equipment and products! You now possess everything required to: Make sure you have the best plumbing equipment available at all times. Utilizing the best plumbing software, you can overcome your biggest obstacles, increase profits, and surpass challenging objectives. Use these highly suggested professional plumbing tools to launch your company to new heights so you can start handling any plumbing jobs! Related: What Every Plumber Needs to Know About Water Heaters - Invoiceasap